Managing and protecting our clients’ assets since 1993

A New United Fidux

In 2023, we decided to unite our different business lines under the name 'Fidux' - a single name that recognises our shared values. Fidux is the new name for HFFT Family Office, Helvetic Fund and HFFT Alternative.

Trust us to expertly manage and protect your assets. Trust us to work seamlessly as a unified team across borders and languages. Trust us to be consistently proactive, flexible and supportive over the long-term. Because trust is the foundation of our commitment to you.

The Art of Personalised Service

We’ve always loved art. Art pushes boundaries, provokes thought and encourages us to see the world from different perspectives. It serves as a reminder of diversity. In our professional work, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions, flexibility and reliability to build lasting and resilient partnerships.